Transitional Possession

Transitional Possession


  1. Two Teams
  2. One on each side of the court
  3. Team in possession completes five passes
  4. Defending team can sends one defender over to pressure
  5. They add a defender each time the attacking team completes five passes
  6. If defenders win the ball they pass it to their side
  7. If the ball goes out it’s put back in play immediately
  8. The first team to 10 points wins
  9. The players must count out loud


Coaching Points

  1. Move the ball away from pressure
  2. Quality of touches and passes
  3. Techniques repeated in Square Passing
  4. R/L/S
  5. Angles of support
  6. ‘Sharpening angles’
  7. Face the Field – Open body position


  1. Start with NO defenders
  2. Start with more than one
  3. Number off and have players sprint for ball a new ball when one goes out of play

3 thoughts on “Transitional Possession

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