Improve balance, acceleration, and speed.



Using  four  cones  or  poles,  make  a  diamond  with  1-yard sides.  Place  a  fifth  and  sixth  cone  10  yards  in  front  of the  diamond,  with  5  yards  between  them,  creating  a finish  line.  Groups  of  5  to  10  players  stand  in  a  line behind  the  southernmost  cone.  Each  player  performs the  activity  and  then  walks  to  the  end  of  the  line.


The  first  player  starts  in  the  center  of  the  diamond  with his  feet  together.  In  quick  succession,  he  jumps  with feet  together  over  the  cone  or  pole  to  his  left,  back  to the  center,  over  the  cone  or  pole  to  his  right,  back  to the  center,  and  then  runs  to  the  cone  10  yards  in  front of him.

Key Points

• Keep your feet together. Use your arms to help balance. Land on the front part of the foot.
• Accelerate using the front part of the foot.


1.    Players  perform  jumps  with  their  backs  to  the  finishing  cone,  then  turn and run facing forward.
2.    Players  hop  on  one  foot  over  the  left  cone,  back  to  center,  over  the  right cone, back to center, and then run forward. Repeat using opposite foot.
3.    Players  roll,  tumble,  or  perform  a  header  while  running  to  the  finishing line.
4.    Each  player  performs  a  technical  action  at  the  finishing  line.  Technical actions  could  include  passing  to  a  designated  player  or  taking  a  goal shot.
5.    Each player receives the ball from a server (a designated player standing 10 yards past the finish line) and performs a technical action—volley, header, goal shot—at the finish line, then passes the ball back to the server.


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