Stride Patterns


Improve foot speed, foot coordination, and acceleration.



Place  8  to  10  agility  poles  parallel  in  a  row,  and  increase  the  spacing  between each  pole  gradually.  The  pole  spacing  should  start  at  1  foot  (30  cm)  and  gradually  increase  to  2  yards.  Place  a  cone  2  yards  behind  the  first  pole  to  mark  the starting point.


Players start  behind the cone. At your signal, the first player runs over the poles, making  sure  to  adjust  her  stride  length  as  she  goes  over  each  pole.  Upon  reaching  the  last  pole,  she  should  be  running  at  speed,  with  long  strides,  and  finish with a 10-yard sprint. Each player performs 5 to 10 repetitions.

Key Points

• Concentrate on organizing your feet before going for speed. Use your arms to help balance. Increase foot speed as the pattern becomes easier to perform.


1.    Rather  than  gradually  increasing  the  distance  between  the  poles,  vary the  distance  from  short  to  long  so  the  players  have  to  speed  up  and  slow down as they go over the poles.

2.    Add a technical action at the end of the sprint:
a.    Header
b.    Pass
c.    Volley
d.    Shot
e.    Cross
f.     Any combination of techniques


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