The Gauntlet


Improve overall dribbling ability.



Create  a  10-    45-yard  grid  separated  into nine  5-yard  sections  with  cones  or  poles. One  defender  is  in  every  other  5-yard section.  Sections  without  defenders  are neutral  areas.  Defenders cannot leave their sections.


An  attacker  tries  to  dribble  from  one  end of  the  grid  to  the  other.  If  the  attacker  has the  ball  stolen,  she  takes  the  place  of  the defender  who  stole  the  ball,  and  the  original defender joins the attacking line.

Key Points

• Unbalance the defender with a fake.
• Change  your  pace  to  move  past  the defender.
• Shield  the  ball  from  a  defender  when necessary.


1.    Make  the  grid  larger  to  help  players retain possession.
2.    Allow  players  to  pass  the  ball  into the  next  neutral  zone  to  move  past the defender.


4 thoughts on “The Gauntlet

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