Shooting Combo


Create 3 lines (Line 1, 2, & 3) of players about 30 yards from goal with a goalkeeper in goal. Each player in line needs a ball.



1. Instruct line 1 to make a move and shoot before the edge of the penalty box.
2. After player 1 shoots, they need to check into player 2 for a 1 – 2 ball. Player 1 should lay the ball off to player 2 for a first time shot.
3. After player 2 shoots, they move to defend the player in line 3. Player 3 should beat player 2 and have a shot on goal.
4. The players should not change lines yet. Let each player work through their line 3-4 times before switching lines.

Coaching Points

– Focus on good shooting technique, landing on the kicking foot, following through onto goal, and putting the ball on target.
– Kids should pay attention and remember their next task after shooting.


5 thoughts on “Shooting Combo

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