2v2 Defending (Tight & Loose Marking)


– Set-up area 3x15m
– Divide players into 2 equal groups and position them as shown
– 2 GKs
– 2 Goals



The play begins when the Goalkeeper throws the ball to one of the white players by the side of the opposite goal. That player and a second teammate try to combine and score against that Goalkeeper. As the ball is traveling from the Goalkeeper’s throw two red players close down their opponents and try to prevent the white players from scoring. If they win the ball they may try and score in the white team’s goal. When a goal is scored or the ball goes out of play the exercise restarts with the other Goalkeeper throwing the ball to the next two reds in line and the next two white players have to defend. This process continues in both directions.

Coaching Points

– 1v1 coaching
– Tight marking near the ball; loose marking away from the ball
– See player you’re marking AND the ball
1½ jobs
– Distance from player your marking vs. amount of space you can cover


3 thoughts on “2v2 Defending (Tight & Loose Marking)

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