5v5 Game with a Neutral Player


– 2 teams of 5 including the GKs, plus 1 neutral player
– Neutral player always plays for the team in possession
– Playing field of 40x30m
– One goal at each end
– Play starts with the GK



The game begins when the GK rolls the ball out to one of her/his players. The team must then interpass in an effort to create scoring opportunities. The opposing team must try and win the ball so that they can also attack and score. Normal rules of soccer with the exception that the ball must be β€œkicked-in” when the ball goes out over the touch line. Any balls that go out of play behind the goal are restarted by the goalkeeper rolling the ball to one of her/his players. Emphasis should be made of the importance of players using the additional player advantage to create good supporting triangles around the ball.

Progression: All conditions are removed for the last 5-10 minutes and a normal game of soccer is played.


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