Give a Pass, Get a Pass


– 30m x 30m area marked with cones (12 players)
– All players are involved, half with the ball, half without
– Players jog around giving or receiving a pass, as directed



Each player with the ball looks for a player without a ball to pass to. Each player without the ball jogs around looking to receive a pass. Different techniques to pass/receive indicated by the coach. Use outside, inside of the foot, wall pass with inside/outside, receive with inside turn outside/inside, receive with outside turn outside, one touch straight back.

Coaching Points

– Focus on balanced movement on each side of the body
– Pass, dribble and receive the ball using both feet
– Vary the direction after receiving the pass



– Divide players in pairs one player facing the other 20m apart
– One ball per pair


The player with the ball initiates the running, both players run towards each other while exchanging 3 passes. The player starting without the ball keeps the ball and dribbles it towards the other end (ball ends up at the same end of the run) then turns and repeats exercise.

Coaching Points

Focus on balanced movement on each side of the body
Get the body behind the ball when receiving/passing


2 thoughts on “Give a Pass, Get a Pass

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