Sharp Shooting


– 2 teams of 6 plus GKs
– Playing field of 25m wide to the top of the penalty area as shown
– 2 support players, 4 resting
– GKs switch as teams switch roles
– Play begins with the coach



Coach serves a ball from the top of the penalty area to one of the red strikers who must try and score directly, or pass to a teammate to score. The strikers can also pass to one of the support players who must try and set up a scoring opportunity for one of the other strikers. The support players are limited to a maximum of three touches in which to pass. The defenders must try and prevent the reds from scoring and, if possible, win the ball and run it out of the penalty area for a point (3 points = goal). Play continues until a goal is scored or the ball goes out of play at which time the coach serves a ball into the strikers again. Teams switch roles every two minutes. Players switch roles within the groups also. Gather all balls in the penalty arc before restarting the game. Keep track of combined score.
Emphasis: Be composed and efficient. Receive the ball facing the goal. Pass the ball into the goal past the keeper.

Coaching Points

– Find space and face the goal
– Be prepared to move the ball
– Look to the side of the keeper
– Choose your technique
– Pass the ball low past keeper
– Be composed


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