Liverpool Youth Academy #2

Combination Three


Player 1 plays to Player 2 who receives the ball and turns to face the mannequin. Player 3 runs across the field to the middle cone. Player 2 passes the ball down the line to Player 3. Player 2 then makes a diagonal run to the cone that Player 3 left. Player 3 receives the ball and then takes on Player 2 who has become a passive defender. Player 3 beats the defender and score. The drill starts again with Player 4 passing the ball to Player 1 who has moved into position next to the mannequin.

Coaching Points

– Player 2’s movement to the corner after the pass
– Quality of Player 3’s dribble to beat the defender
– All previous coaching points

Combination Four


Player 2 shows for a pass from Player 1. Player 1 misses him out and passes directly to Player 3. Player 2 then spins around the outside of the mannequin to receive a pass from Player 3. Player 3 then moves into space to receive the ball back from Player 2, uses a dribbling move and then dribbles to the start. The drill starts again with Player 4 once Player 1 has moved next to the mannequin and Player 2 has moved to Player 3’s original position.

Coaching Points

– Player 2 must look like he wants the ball from – Player 1 (Shout, “Feet!”)
– Speed and quality of Player 2’s movement
– All previous coaching points


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