Angle of Support


Set up a grid that is 10 X 10 yards.
Organize the team into groups of three players per grid.
Each of the three players should position themselves near 3 different corners of the grid with one ball.



The instructions are simply to never leave an empty cone adjacent to the player with the ball. For example, say the drill begins with a player at position 1 in possession of the ball while players at 2 and 4 start at the cones adjacent to the player at 1. The player at position 1 can pass to either of the players at positions 2 and 4. If the player at position 1 passes to the player at position 2, the player at position 4 must quickly move to position 3 in order to support the player in “un-defended space”. The play continues with no defensive pressure and players are allowed to pass to either supporting player. This soccer drill is simple, however, players will have to pay attention to the ball movement and often anticipate the next move in order to move to space quicker.


Play in 1 or 2 touches.
Add a defender

Coaching Points

Make sure players are thinking and moving quickly to the next supporting position.
Explain Defended Space (see diagram)
Help players with good angle of support


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