Coordination and Movement with the Ball


Four groups of 3 players working in a 25x25m area as shown.
A ball per player.
Nine markers breaking the area down into four quarters.
Repeat exercises as necessary.



First player in each group dribbles towards the middle marker and turns to her/his right using the outside of the right foot. Then turns back using the outside of the left foot just before reaching the outside marker. The process is repeated until all the players reach their original starting point. Then the next player performs the same action. When all the players have gone through the cycle the process is repeated to the left using the outside of the left foot followed by the outside of the right foot.

Additional sequences:

a. To the right – Inside of left & inside of right                                                       e. To the right – Scissors/outside right & sole of foot turn.
b. To the left – Inside of right & inside of inside of left                                         f. To the left – Scissors/outside of left & sole of foot turn.
c. To the right – Step over right foot & step over left foot                                     g. To the right – Circle inside of right & inside of left.
d. To the left – Step over left foot & step over right foot.                                        h. To the left – Circle inside of left & inside of right.

Coaching Points

Carry out the exercises at a jogging pace.
Exaggerate the movements.
Work in both directions so that each player gets to work with both feet.


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