Dribbling and Shooting Under Pressure


Groups of four working in a playing area of 30x10m.
A goal at each end
Markers to indicate the playing areas
Players rotate between being a defender and an attacker each turn.



1. Red player dribbles ball to half way line and shoots at goal. White defender starts 2m ahead but on the far side of the playing area, and tries to take the ball away from red player to score in the red goal. The defender cannot start until the red player takes the first touch towards goal. Once the shot is taken the players switch ends/roles and two new players repeat the process from the opposite end. Repeat 10 times each
2. As above but the defender starts at the halfway line and the attacker has to try and beat them or create space for a shot.
3. As above but the defender starts at the corner by the opposite goal. The attacker has to decide whether to shoot early or beat the defender first.
4. Variation: Practice each move with the defender coming from the both sides

Coaching Points

Cut across the defender when you get past them.
Protect the ball; keep your body between it and the defender.
Redirect the ball with the inside / outside of foot.


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