Simple Wall Pass With Shot (2 v. 2)


Two attackers (passer A and wall player B) play against defenders C and D. They try to use combination play to finish with as little interference as possible.



Player A dribbles toward C, who moves toward A.
B is to the side and ahead of A but is tightly marked by D.
To allow A to pass, B suddenly breaks away from D and shows for a pass from A.
Immediately, A passes past C to B and sprints past C on the opposite side.
B passes directly into A’s running path.
A receives B’s pass behind C, controls it and shoots.

Coaching Points

Make eye contact with B before passing.
Pay attention to B’s opening run.
As soon as B has gotten away from D, pass from a point about two yards away from C.
Play a hard, well-aimed ground ball to B’s feet.
Try to pass suddenly, to surprise C.
As soon as you pass, take off explosively, sprinting to get behind C.
Receive and control B’s pass at top speed behind C, or pass the ball off directly, or shoot.


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