1 v 1 Corner Goals


2 teams
each player with a ball
cones to mark off area
corner goals (3-5 yards)
pinnies optional



– one team (attackers) practices juggling in the middle of the grid and the other team (defenders) inside the corner areas as shown
– on coach’s command players in the corners put their ball just outside of the grid and the players in the middle dribble to one of the corners and attempt to enter the corner zone by dribbling around the defender
– players switch roles after each round
– defenders can only move from side to side to defend the goal line
– adjust spacing depending on the age and ability of the group if necessary

Coaching Points

    set up defender
    change of speed & direction
    protect the ball & close control
    angle and speed of approach
    body shape, balance, and foot positioning
    control and restraint
    delay and channel
    timing and decision to tackle


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