5 v 5 Distance Shooting Game


Two teams of 5 including the GKs
–  Playing field of 35x25m., divided into thirds.
–  Strikers restricted to A1/3.
–  One goal at each end.
–  Goals can only be scored directly from the middle third of the field.
–  All balls in the goals.
–  Play starts with the GK.



1. The game begins when the GK rolls the ball out to one of the red players. The reds then inter-pass in an effort to get a player into a shooting position in the middle third. Strikers must stay in the Attacking 1/3 of the field but they can only score from rebounds. All other players can roam freely. The white team must try and win the ball so that they can attack and score on the reds in the same manner. Normal rules of soccer with the exception that the ball must be “kicked-in” when the ball goes out over the touch line. Any balls that go out of play behind the goal are restarted by the goalkeeper rolling the ball to one of his/her players.
2. Progression: All restrictions are removed for the last 5-10 minutes and normal game of soccer is played

Coaching Points

– Be composed.
–  Look at goal on approach.
–  Square hips toward goal.
–  Look at ball & head steady.
–  Long step and stretch toe down, lock ankle.
–  Drive through the middle of the ball with instep.
–  Shoot low & to the side of the GK


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