Distance Shooting


Use the area as shown
– One group of 3 strikers and one group   of 3 defenders.
– The group of defenders will defend from three different positions as the practice progresses.
– Goalkeeper.
– Play starts when the striker attacks goal.



1. Players begin from two gates set up on either side of the coach, approximately 10m from edge of penalty area. Red striker dribbles toward goal and shots before reaching the edge of the box. One white defender attempts to prevent the shot and if possible, tries to win the ball and score himself/herself. After the shot the striker joins the line of defenders and the white defender joins the line of strikers and roles reverse. Strikers should also switch sides for the shot before progressing in order to practice with both feet.
2. Progression: As above but defender tries to prevent shot from the side.
3. Progression: As above but the defenders try to prevent the shot by coming from the side of the goal.
Emphasis: Be composed and efficient. Kick through the middle of the ball.

Coaching Points

– Be composed.
– Look at goal on approach.
– Square hips toward goal.
– Look at ball & head steady.
– Long step and stretch toe down, lock ankle.
– Drive through the middle of the ball with instep.
– Shoot low & to the side of the GK


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