Shooting and Finishing Drill Combination


Using half of the soccer field, place a keeper in the goal.
    About 18 yards from goal, set two cones about 5 yards apart that are placed perpendicular to the goal. The first shooter starts between these two cones.
    Place a cone equal to each side of the penalty box about 10 yards from the top of the box. Place a player on each of these cones.
    Place another cone in the middle of the field about 10 yards from the side cones.
    The shape of the cones should be in a diamond with the cone closest to the goal having a small window.
    This window will be used as a passing reference for the player to receive the ball as they check into this space.
    The remaining players should be positioned at the cone farthest from goal with a ball each.



Player 1 passes the ball to player 2 and follows his pass.
Player 2 then passes to player 3 between the cones as player 3 is checking through the cones.
Player 2 follows his pass and checks into the cones in the middle.
Player 3 should have a touch with their back to the goal towards their far side and finish with a right footed shot on goal.
As Player 2 is making the pass to player 3, the new player 1 makes a pass to player 4 and follows his pass.
Player 4 passes into the new player 3 who is checking-in between the cones.
Player 3 has a tight touch and turn with their back to the goal towards the back side and finishes with a left footed shot.
Player 1 will then pass to player 2 and the same pattern is followed.
Play all touches in 1-touch.
Move the cones farther apart and work on flighted balls into each player.
Have a passive defensive player apply pressure on the back of the shooter to simulate a defender putting pressure on the attacker. Make sure the shooter does not expose the ball to the defender.

Coaching Points

Focus on crisp passes and well-timed movement.
The shooter should have a clean, quick turn while keeping his back to goal until he comes out of his turn for the shot.
Play with speed.
Finish on goal.


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