2 v 2 Attacking


cones to mark off area
1x goal with goalie
2 cone goals (2-4yds)
supply of balls



play starts with a pass from a defender on the goal line to an attacker
defenders can enter the grid once the pass is received
attackers receive the ball and dribble through cone goal to take on defenders in a 2v2 situation
defenders can score by dribbling through cone goals
if attackers don’t score they switch roles with defenders


goal must be scored within 15 (20) seconds or both teams must leave the grid
attackers start with the ball
attackers always become defenders after each sequence (next attackers dribble the ball onto the field)
adjust spacing depending on the age and ability of the group if necessary

Coaching Points

change of speed & direction
quick finish
angle, distance and timing of support
decision making
verbal and visual communication


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