4 v 3 Ball Feeders


2 teams (4v3)
grid (half the normal field)
cones to mark off area
1 goal with goalie
2 cone goals (3-5yds)



3 defenders defend the goal with goalie and score by dribbling through cone goals or by keeping possession for 10 seconds while 4 attackers defend 2 cone goals and can score on goal with goalie. 2 players from the attacking team always feed the ball to attacking team (throw-ins, high or low pass etc.). If ball goes out of bounce or goal is scored, ball is always distributed by ball feeders. Switch roles after 5-10 minutes
add a neutral player
minimum of 2-3 touches for attackers
adjust spacing depending on the age and ability of the group if necessary

Coaching Points

weight of pass; accuracy; first touch
angle, distance and timing of support;
verbal and visual communication; quick transitions; switch point of attack; set up defender
angle and speed of approach; control and restraint; delay and channel; angle and distance of cover; intercept pass; change role of pressure and cover; visual and verbal communication


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