Defensive Overlapping Drill


This is a great drill to teach fullbacks to overlap midfielders and getting the defenders into the attack. This is a great starting point to teaching defensive overlaps.



The ball will start with the right fullback player (1) who passes to the ball to the right midfielder player (2). The right fullback (1) makes a overlapping run around the outside midfielder player. The right outside midfielder player (2) passes to the checking forward player (4). The forward player (4) drops the ball off to the center midfield player (3) who plays a ball towards the right corner flag onto the run of the right defensive player (1). The right defensive player should prep the ball and cross the ball into the two forwards (4) & (5) who have advanced towards the face of the goal.


Add players to run the same pattern on the left side of the field.
Add passive defensive players to simulate pressure on the attackers.

Coaching Points

Quickly get into attacking half of field.
Good timing of runs.
Precise passes and 1 and 2 touch passing.


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