Team Reaction Dribbling Drill


Create a small grid approximately 20X20 yard grid. From each of the four corners, place a flag about 7-10 yards from the corner cone. Each player should have a ball inside the grid.



Instruct the players to dribble inside the grid using the entire grid. When the coach calls out a player’s name, that player picks which of the four flags they want to dribble around and quickly dribbles around that flag. The entire team must also dribble with speed around the same flag as quickly as possible. The last player back into the grid must do push-ups or sit-ups.


Assign the player’s numbers and call out the player’s number rather than their name.
Call out a player’s name or number and the leader should pick a flag to run around, the rest of the group should run around the diagonally opposite flag.

Coaching Points

Lift head, eyes up
Close control
Good control of body movements
Use all parts of their feet while dribbling (inside, outside, top, bottom).
Change of direction
Change of pace
Find space
Dribble with speed


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