Trapping and Controlling the Ball with Back to Goal


Create a grid approximately 20X30 yards with an 8 yard goal on the end line. A server (player 1) starts at the top of the grid with the attacker (player 2) about 5 yards in front of the goal facing the server. Have the defender (player 3) start at the corner of the end line near the goal.



The server (player 1) plays a ball into the attacker (player 2). The defender (player 3) immediately puts the attacker (player 2) under pressure. The attacker must check in (move towards the ball being passed to him) and make a decision to: a) turn and beat the defender (1v1) and have a shot on goal. b) play the ball back to the server and play 2v1.


Introduce additional players

Coaching Points

Good control and turn, shield or pass back to the server.
Quick control and movement forward.
First touch is into space away from advancing player.
controlling player must decide to dribble or pass
make sure player is controlling the ball properly


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