Triangle Goal Game


Create a grid about 35X35. You can adjust the grid larger or smaller depending on the age and skill level of your players.
Create a triangle in the middle of the grid (about 5 yards each side) with training sticks or flags to serve as a goal.
Place a goalkeeper inside the triangle.
Split the group into two even teams of 4v4 or 5v5.



Instruct both teams to attack the three-sided goal.
The Goalkeeper should defend all three sides of the goal.
If a team scores a goal a point is awarded to the team and the ball is live on the other side of the goal.
If the goalkeeper makes a save, he is to distribute the ball into open space away from players.
For a goal to count, the ball must cross through the goal no higher than the top of the flag or training stick.
Only allow a shot on goal after X number of passes.
Play in 1 or 2 touches

Coaching Points

Focus on all aspects of the game such as passing, receiving, moving with and without the ball, defending, attacking, and finishing.
The players will have to work together as a team to quickly off-balance the defender and catch the goalkeeper off guard.


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