Coerver 1 v 1 to 2 Goals


Field should be approximately 25 yards wide x 20 yards long.  Set-up 2 two yard goals with discs, place a blue disc in front of one side of the goal.  This designates that that side of the goal can’t be attacked.

The first white player passes the ball across to the first red player.  The Red player now attacks either goal.  White moves quickly across to defend.  If white wins the ball, he/she attacks either goal.  Once a goal is scored or the ball goes out of bounds, the next white player passes the ball across and moves to defend.

Coaching Points 

  1.     Firm pass across
  2.     Taking a player on
  3.     Recognition of which goal to attack
  4.     1v1 Defending
  5.     Transition on loss of possession
  6.     Fitness


White starts with the ball for 3 minutes and then switches roles with red.  Allow each team to do both roles twice.


  • Play 2v2.
  • Players have to sprint back to the other line in a race
  • Place a gate (2 cones) perpendicular to the goals on each goal, to score players have to cut through the gate 

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