2 Goal Shooting Circuit

​Set-up (as pictured)

Place goals on a diagonal. One goal should be on the end-line facing the field, the other about 36 yards from the end-line facing the end-line.

The Exercise

Players A and C stand about 18 yards from their respective lines. Players B and D pass the ball into A and C, A and C turn quickly and shoot. Player’s A and C should collect their ball and join the opposite line. Once B and D pass the ball they should run into the middle to take the original place of A and C. B and D should call for the ball from the next players in line; receive it, turn quickly and shoot.

Progress to:

The Exercise
Same as the original exercise, but now the coach serves as a passive defender. Encourage the shooter to “Check away” and make contact with the coach prior to calling for the ball, oving to meet the pass, turning and shooting.

Final Progression:

The Exercise

The exact same rotation as the original exercise, but now after Player A shoots the ball; he defends Player B as he comes to the middle before moving to the opposite line. The coach has options, he can ask the defender to be passive, pressure 75% or apply full pressure.

This is a great exercise in that it offers repetiton in several areas:

  •     Entry passes into the striker
  •     Checking away
  •     Turning with the ball
  •     Finishing!

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