2 Shots Followed by 1v1

​The Set-up (as pictured)

2 goals, several discs, plenty of balls. Break players into two groups. Playing area should be a double penalty box, 36 yards long x 44 yards wide. Coach should have several balls.

The Exercise
When the coach yells GO!

  •     The first player in each line dribbles quickly to the edge of the penalty area and shots the ball.
  •     After shooting the ball, Red should turn quickly to look for a pass from the coach while white transitions to defend (pictured below).
  •     A live 1v1 follows. Play until the ball goes out of bounds or a goal is scored.


  •     Dribbling at speed
  •     Shooting from distance
  •     Goalkeeping
  •     1v1 Attacking
  •     1v1 Defending
  •     Transition

Rotation Coach should serve ball into the Red team for 5 minutes than serve to the White.

This exercise is best when you have 12 to 14 players.


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