4v4 Everyone Recovers

​The Set-up

In a space approximately 30W X 40L, two teams of 4 play a match. There should be a clearly marked middle line.

The Game

A normal 4v4 game takes place, but on loss of possession, the team that lost possession MUST immediately recover to their half of the field before defending. By doing so, the defensive team will reduce the space between themselves making it difficult to penetrate. Recovering to your half is standing rule throughout the game.

Rule: If the attacking team scores, they get a point for the goal and an additional point for every defensive player not in the defensive half of the field.


  •     Working as a unit
  •     When and how to pressure and cover
  •     Spacing between defenders (creating a “defensive block”)/Compactness
  •     Transition and Recovery

Note: This exercise is appropriate to use with larger numbers (6v6, 8v8, 11v11) and/or to regulation goals.


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