The German Box Combined

​The Set-Up

3 to 4 players in each line, with at least 2 balls per line.  10×10 inner box with an outside box that is paced off (8 to 10 yds.) at an angle from the inner box.

Note: All groups should be participating at the same time.

Exercise 1

Dribble in, in a controlled manner, around the disc without touching it, and accelerate back to your line.  Once the first player begins to accelerate back, the next player in line dribbles in to the middle.  Note: Coach should designate which side the players dribble toward the disc from, lessons the chance of collisions with teammates.

Variations:  Just with right foot, left foot, outside of right, outside of left, etc.

Exercise 2

Dribble in to the right side of your disc, accelerate to the next line.  Continue until you get back to your line a 2nd time.

Variations:  Same thing, but the other direction, full circle around the disc before accelerating to the next line.

Exercise 3

A player stands, “on his/her toes” without a ball, about 2 yards past the inner disc.   The first player in line passes the ball to the player in the middle, the player in the middle touches the ball behind the disc to the other side “clears the space” and accelerates back to the line.  The player that passed the ball now runs into the middle and assumes the position of the middle player.

Variations:  Change the side of the disc the player is standing at, have the ball in the hands of the players in line and toss the ball to the thigh, chest, head, etc.

Exercise 4

One ball per line.  Dribble in and around disc, pass the ball to the next player in the line and run to the end of the new line (same as exercise 2, but you’ve added a pass)

Variation:  After you pass the ball, move to support, players need to combine before they go into the middle.  Change direction of the movement.


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