Passing with Receiver Reaction


Create two 2 yard gates with different colored cones.  Divide the team in half to ensure more repetition.  Two players (receivers) should be a yard or two behind the gate without a ball. All other players should be in a line facing the gate with a ball at their feet.

The Exercise

  1.    The first player in line passes to the receiver and follows his/her pass to become the next receiver.
  2.     Receivers “clear the space” take a touch behind one of the discs and dribble the ball back to their line.
  3.     The new receiver should call for the ball from the next player in line.  Exercise continues.


  • Coach calls a color, now the receiver must clear the space behind that disc.  This will demand a higher level of focus and reaction speed.
  • Variation 1:  Have the player call the color right as he passes the ball.
  • Variation 2:  Have the player toss the ball so the reception is an aerial one.

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