3 v 1 Rotating Defenders


Create a grid that is approximately 10X10 yards.
Split players into groups of 6.
Place 3 players inside the grid as attackers in an alternate jersey.
The remaining 3 players line up as defenders behind one corner cone with the supply of balls.


The first defender passes a ball into the 3 attackers. The defender immediately step into the grid and become the defender creating a 3v1 inside the grid. The 3 attackers attempt to put together as many passes as possible. The attackers continue passing until the defender wins the ball, or the ball is knocked out of play. Once the play is dead, the next defender plays into the same 3 attackers, and play resumes.


    Adjust grid (larger grid = easier for attackers but harder for defenders; smaller grid = harder for attackers but easier for defenders)

Coaching Points

  • Focus on the quality of passes such as weight, pace, accuracy. 
  • A well timed run facing the passing direction will assure a more accurate pass. 
  • The players must communicate with each other to make the game easier. 
  • Players must concentrate on making runs off the ball. 
  • Encourage players to play in 1 or 2 touches. 
  • Good first touch towards space 
  • Good decision making (make play easy)   

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