Transition Game with Mirror Goal

Initial Phase


The Game: 5 red’s are playing vs. 3 white defenders and a goalkeeper, 2 white players are resting.

Note: Resting players should remain deep in their zone “stretching the field”.

Rule: Teams needs 3 passes before they go to goal (this will allow for transition as the game gets going).

In this picture, the goalie is an all-time keeper.

If you have 2 keepers designate one per team. They would play as a field player when their team is in possession.

Transition Phase


When Red either shoots the ball (pictured), white wins the ball, or the keeper makes a save, the ball should be played quickly to the resting players. The White players now “transition” from defending to taking up supporting positions for their two teammates that had been resting. Three Red players must immediately transition to defend.
Final Phase


White is now in possession 5 v3 + keeper. They need three passes before they can go to goal.

Exercise Focus:

Attacking– Quick ball movement, work for a good shot, movement off the ball, balance of team shape.

Defending– Defend in triangles, communication from the goalkeeper, patience (#’s down).

Transition– Offensively- can we support our teammates quickly? Defensively- can we get immediate pressure? Stay organized!

Possible Restrictions

  1.     2 touch
  2.     Unlimited, but one touch to score
  3.     Resting player must play one touch when initially receiving the ball


  1.     Increase Speed of Play
  2.     Increase movement off the Ball
  3.     Demands quicker transition to support

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