8v2 Possession with Flying Two’s

​The Set-up:

10 x 10 grid (coach can adjust depending on players ability), divide team into two groups of 8, coach has several balls.

The Exercise: 

One team of 8 begins inside the grid.  Their goal is to maintain possession for as long as possible.  The coach serves a new ball into the group of 8 every time the ball is knocked out of the area.  Two defenders move into the area each time the coach serves a ball into the grid.  Note: If the 8 players in possession can make five consecutive passes, two new defenders enter the area replacing the previous pair of defenders.  This will keep the defenders fresh and allow for maximum pressure to the ball.

Rotation: Once all the balls have been knocked out of the area, the teams of 8 switch roles.  The coach should time the exercise to see which team kept possession for the longest amount of time.


  •     Keeping Possession
  •     Quick Decision Making
  •     Passing
  •     Receiving
  •     Defending

Possible Restrictions 

  •     Players must play one touch
  •     Players cannot play one touch (forces players to receive and play)
  •     Every other person is one touch
  •     Must move after you pass the ball (teaches players to adjust their body position every time the ball travels to a new position).
  •     The ball cannot stop!

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