Long Passing on the Move


One ball for every three players 


For groups up to 12 players,  players  are  in  teams  of  three  at  one end  of  a  soccer  field.  Players  use  the  full  width  of  the  field.  For  groups  larger  than  12 (24  maximum),  create  two  smaller  areas  by  having  players  practice  across  the  field, allocating one group to each half. 


Player A, with the ball, moves forward and then crosses or centers the  ball  to  player  B,  who  comes  up  to  meet  the  ball.  Player  B  controls,  moves  the  ball forward,  and  gives  a  long,  lofted  pass  to  player  C,  who  comes  up  to  meet  the  ball.  The drill becomes continuous as the players move along the field. 

Coaching Points 

  • Players  should  lift  their  heads  to  know  exactly  where  the  receiver  is  and  is moving to. 
  • Players  should  strike  the  ball  with  the  toe  down  and  hit  through  the  bottom  half of the ball to make it rise. 
  • Players should use a long swing of the kicking leg. 
  • Players should develop a high follow-through. 
  • Players should lean away from the ball. 
  • Players should keep the nonkicking foot well behind the ball. 
  • The  controlling  touch  is  vital  in  setting  the  ball  up  to  deliver  the  pass  to  the  next receiver.

Coaching Progressions 

  • All three players move slowly and make the pass with the stronger foot. 
  • Players  use  the  foot  that  is  farther  from  the  receiver  (i.e.,  the  left  foot  when  passing to the right and vice versa).
  •  Players move quickly and deliver the ball as early and quickly as they can.
  • Players  pass  the  ball  with  a  first-time  kicking  movement  (i.e.,  no  time  is  allowed to control and dribble before kicking—this is a very challenging technique). 

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