Soccer Baseball


One ball  for eight  players;  four  flags  or  cones 


Players of  equal  ability  are  in  two  teams of  four,  each  team  on  a  10 x 10-yard  square  marked  by  flags or cones. 

The  fielding  team  places  one  player  on each  base  (players  A,  B,  C, and  D).  On  the  command  “Go,” these  players  (starting  with player  A)  pass  the  ball  around the  outside  of  the  bases  and  back  to  player  A.  The  batting  team  players  (players  W, X,  Y,  and  Z)  stand  at  the  corner  of  the  square  near  player  A.  On  the  command  “Go,” the  batter  (player  W  as  shown  in  figure  1)  sprints  around  the  square  in  the  direction opposite  the  path  of  the  ball.  The  batter  scores  a  run  if  he  gets  back  to  the  home  base before  the  ball.  Each  player  has  one  turn,  and  then  the  teams  change.  Any  number  of innings  can  be  played.  If  the  batter  touches  the  ball  or  a  player  when  running,  he  is  out. 

Coaching Points 

  • Batters  should  run  quickly  but  also  watch  where  the  ball  is.  Fielders  should  pass carefully, accurately, and quickly. 
  • Fielders  should  aim  at  the  feet  of  the  receiver  after  making  sure  to  use  a  first touch that helps them pass efficiently. 
  • Fielders  should  try  to  give  quality  passes—firm,  fast,  and  with  top  roll  to  the  feet of the receiver. 

Coaching Progressions 

  1. The  batters  run  around the  square  twice  to score  a  home  run  (great training!). 
  2. The  batters  run  once around  the  bases  while dribbling  a  soccer  ball, and  at  the  same  time the  fielding  team  passes the  ball  both  clockwise and  counterclockwise around the bases. 
  3. The  batters,  instead of  dribbling  around  the bases,  dribble  in  and out  of  four  cones  arranged  as  shown  in  figure  2.  The  number  of  cones  for  the dribbling team will vary depending on the ability of your players. 


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