4 v 2 Dual Field 

​The Set-up: (as pictured).  Set up two fields side by side.  Field should be app. 20 x15 with a small gate on each end-line.  Divide the 12 players into two groups of 6 (red and white).

The Game: Coach can make the games competitive.  Team that is numbers up get a point for connecting 5 straight passes’, defenders’ get a point for scoring between the gates.  Play games to 3 or for a designated amount of time (90 to 120 seconds).

Note: The coach can make several adjustments to make this game more effective.

  •     Can add an extra possession player creating 5v2.
  •     Can make the field bigger if the 2 defenders are having too much success.
  •     Make the Gates bigger or field smaller if the team in possession is having too easy of a time.


  •     Attack- good angles of support, keep the space as big as possible, proper weight on passes.
  •     Defending- work as a group, communicate, try to score quickly when you gain possession.
  •     Transition- Can we get immediate pressure to the ball when we give it away?  Can we score once game possession before the team that is numbers up can react?

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