4 v 2 Plus 2 Possession Box

​The Set-up: Divide the team into two groups of 8. Create two 15x 15 boxes with a two discs 5 yards vertically outside the box (as pictured). Coaches should stand in between the two boxes with a supply of balls.

The Game: In one box 4 white players attempt to keep the ball away from 2 red players, with an additional two red players serving as target players. The exact opposite is occurring in the other box. The teams of four attempt to keep possession of the ball while the team of two attto win the ball and successfully play the ball into either of their two target players. Coachshould make this exercise competitive by seeing which group of two can get the ball to their target player three times quickest.

Rotation: After both defending and being target players for a series, teams should switch roles. This will give each group two segments of possession, one turn of defending, and one turn as targets. Coach can have players do everything a second time.


  •     Quick passing
  •     1st touch
  •     Defending
  •     Transition
  •     Playing into a target

Note: Coach should adjust numbers accordingly. Example- If you have 10 players, only use one field and play 5v3 with 2 targets.


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