5 v 2 with 2 Counter Goals

​The Set-up: (as pictured).  Set up two fields side by side.  Field should be app. 20 x15 with a small gate on each end-line.  Divide the 14 players into two groups of 7 (red and white).

The Game: 5 red players keep possession of the ball from 2 white players on one field.  The 2 white players try to score through either gate any time they win possession.  Red should quickly transition to defend and try to regain possession immediately.  The roles are reversed on the other field.

The coach can make the games competitive by adding rules or creating restrictions.

  •     Team that is numbers up get a point for connecting 5 straight passes.
  •     Team that is numbers up has a touch restriction.
  •     Defenders get a point for scoring between the gates.
  •     Play games to 3.

Note: The coach can make several adjustments to make this game work.

  •     Can add an extra possession player creating 6v2.
  •     Can make the field bigger if the 2 defenders are having too much success.
  •     Make the Gates bigger or field smaller if the team in possession is having too easy of a time.
  •     Play 4v2 if you only have 12 players.


  •     Attack- good angles of support, keep the space as big as possible, proper weight on passes.
  •     Defending- work as a group, communicate, try to score quickly when you gain possession.
  •     Transition- Can we get immediate pressure to the ball when we give it away?  Can we score once game possession before the team that is numbers up can react? 

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