Dribling Becomes Possession

​The Game: All players with the exception of two have a ball.  They dribble in the box protecting their ball from the white players.  White attempts to knock all balls out of the area as quickly as possible.  Note: When a red players’ ball gets knocked out, the red player remains in the box and becomes a supporting player for his/her teammates (pictured left).

Red Players need to remain alert and “support the ball”.  There will be times when the red player should dribble, shield and pass the ball.  White players can work separately or together to eliminate the balls as quickly as possible.

Note: when the game gets down to the last ball, red should work as a team and make the space as big as possible.  White must now work together (pictured below).

Coach should allow all players the chance to defend.  If you have a stopwatch time how long it takes for the defenders t knock out all the balls.  It’s a great motivator for both the attackers and defenders when you keep time.

For younger players you may want to just have one defender. 

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