Gate Game (Possession)

​Set-Up: as pictured. You could use discs instead of flags as your gates.

The Game: 2 teams (Red vs. White) play possession, but can score goals by passing to a teammate through a gate.  Games are to 10.

Note: Player should not try to force the ball through any particular gate, but be patient and find a gate that is not defended by the opposition.  The Coach should create an additional gate (7 gates for 6 v6 game) to ensure that there is always an undefended gate.


  •     Keeping possession of the ball
  •     Keeping the field spread offensively
  •     Speed of Play
  •     Movement off the Ball
  •     Winning the ball back as a group
  •     Quick transition from offense to defense, vice versa

This is a very demanding, but much more enjoyable form of possession than a normal game of keep away!


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