Groups of 4 Passing Warm-up

​Exercise 1: Player passes the ball to teammate and runs to the end of the opposite line.  Line should be between 5 to 10 yards apart.  Play one or two touch depending on ability.

Focus: Inside of foot passing “Toe up, ankle locked”, change of pace -run to next line, be on your toes ready to receive the ball.

Exercise 2: Player passes the ball to teammate (across) and backpedals behind his/her partner.  Line s should be 5 to 7 yards apart.

Focus: Step and meet the ball!  Play should now be one touch.  Move off backwards (opening up space for partner to step to the ball).  Ask players to call for the ball as they step to meet it.  Still focus on inside of the foot passing.

Exercise 3: Lines should be 10 to 15 yards apart.  Player A passes to teammate across the way (Player B) and moves, at an angle, to support the ball.  B drops ball to supporting player A, who drops ball back B.  B would now play to player C and move to support, combination continues.  C to B, B to C, C to D, etc.

Focus: Proper weight of pass.  Longer pass, shorter pass “combination”.  Move to support, call for the ball.  All players should be on their toes, stress good technique.

Note: You can add a fifth person to each group.  Less repetition, less fitness.


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