4 v 4 Plus 4 in the Penalty Box

​The Game: 4 White vs. 4 Grey with 4 Red target players. Target players should be one touch, two touches maximum. Games should be first team to 3 goals or 5 minute maximum. When Grey wins the ball they play to Red and then become the attacking team. When keeper makes save he plays out to a red and teams switch roles. If you score coach plays ball back into the team that scored.

Winner stays on!

Coaching should observe:

  •     Who is taking the half chances?
  •     Who has the courage inside the 6 yd box?
  •     Who communicates? Who blocks shots?


  •     Attacking- Finishing, movement off ball, ability to play in tight spaces.
  •     Defensively- Touch tight pressure, blocking shots, communication.

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