4 v 4 with Flying Rotations

​The Set-up: (as pictured) Designate 4 teams of 4 by color (grey/white & blue/red/white). Play on an area the full width of the soccer field x approximately 40 yards long. Use one large goal and three counter goals (pugg goals ordiscs).

*If you don’t have enough players for four teams of 4 you can have teams of 3.
** If your teams are smaller in numbers you should tighten up the space of the playing area.
The Exercise: The white & blue team begins the exercise by attacking the large goal defended by red. A live 4v4 ensues until a ball goes out of bounds or is scored. If red wins the ball they attack any of the three counter goals. Immediately after the ball is scored or has gone out of bounds, the white & blue team quickly transition to defense.The grey team should attack the white & blue team at speed while the red team jogs back to the line careful not to collide with the oncoming attackers.


  •     Finishing in the final third
  •     Running with the ball
  •     Readjusting your position defensively
  •     Quick transition
  •     Fun
  •     Fitness

Note: This game is heavy on fitness and should be played for a maximum of 10 to 15 minutes.


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