Back to Back Goal Game

​The Set-up: Two goals placed back to back inside the center circle. Field should be full width with the end-line being the top of the penalty box. Mark off a box around the center circle with discs. Two even numbered teams’ minimum of 6 field players per team.

The Game: There are several variations. Coach should have a supply of balls to keep the game moving. Two constant rules no matter what variation you choose to play is that players can only stay inside the disc’d area for 5 seconds at a time. Finishing inside the inner box must be done first time or “1-touch”.

  •     Both teams can score in either goal.
  •     One team keeps possession while the other tries to score in either goal. Switch roles after a designated time.
  •     Red attacks one goal, while white attacks the other.
  •     Play with two balls.
  •     Both teams can score in either goal, but there is only one goalie. (pictured below)

Playing with one goalie will promote quick switches of the field!


  •     Finishing
  •     Long passing
  •     Recognizing which goal to attack
  •     Transition

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