Dribbling Warm-up

​Set-up: 25 x 25yd grid inside a 35 x 35 grid

The Game: Players dribble throughout the inner grid.  The coach can use this free dribble segment to offer several options.

When the coach yells:

  •     Turn– players must change direction
  •     Step-over– players must perform the scissors move
  •     Cruyff– the players must perform the Cruyff move
  •     Change!– players step on their ball and quickly find another ball to dribble.
  •     Etc.

When the coach shouts a color, players must quickly dribble out and around that disc and go back to the grid.  This forces players to get their head up to locate the proper disc, accelerate or “change their pace” to get to the disc.  Coach can shout a 2nd color to force players to change direction when dribbling at speed.

This is an excellent alternative to running.  Fitness with the ball is much more enjoyable and mirrors the real game.
Note: For younger players don’t focus on the fitness, but instead the proper technique on the turns, the acceleration and ability to get their head up.


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