Gate Warm-up Exercises

Exercise 1: Dribble through the gates.  Go for 60 to 90 seconds.  Ask players how many times they went through a gate. You can ask them to use just there right foot, left foot, outside of foot, etc.  Repeat at least 2 times prior to moving on. “Can you beat your record.”

Exercise 2: Dribble the ball toward a gate, push it through the gate, player should accelerate around the gate collect the ball and dribble to another gate.

Exercise 3: (In pairs) Player A passes to Player B. Player B receives the ball dribbles through and around the gate, returns to his starting position and passes the ball to his partner. Player A now does the same. You can ask the player to do a quick change of direction prior to passing the ball to their partner.

Exercise 4: (in pairs) First touch exercise: Up and down the ladder. Player A passes to Player B, B prepares ball off to the side and plays to the outside of the disc to player A. (A should move to support, not remain stationary). A now prepares the ball back toward the middle and passes to Player B. B should now take the ball in the other direction.

This is a great technical exercise that involves repetition in passing technique, receiving technique, and proper movement of support.


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