1 v 1 Fast Break Attack

​The Set-up: In a space that is 20 yards long x 15 yards wide.  4 to 6 players per field.

The Game: Player A (Red) tries to dribble past the white teams’ end-line which is defended by Player 1 (pictured left).  Once he is successful doing so, Player 2 immediately tries to dribble the Red teams’ end-line.  Player A quickly recovers “transitions from offense to defense” (Pictured right).  When a player wins the ball during the initial 1v1 he/she tries to attack the opposing team end-line.

When the opponent has dribbled your end-line you join the end of your line.  Players that are “off” should always have a ball at their feet ready to begin the “fast break attack”.


  •     Taking a player on
  •     Running with the ball
  •     1v1 defending
  •     Recovery runs

Note: Coaches should make multiple 1v1 fields and position himself in a manner that he can see all the players.


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