1 v 1 Triangle Defending

​The Set-up: Create multiple 2 yard triangles, Players pair up (red/white) and are assigned a triangle, one ball b/n the two. The defender (white) starts inside the triangle with a ball. The attacker (red) stands 5 to 7 yards outside the triangle.

The Game: White passes the ball to red and quickly moves out to defend. Red tries to dribble through the triangle. Attackers get 5 points for dribbling through the triangle. Switch roles after each attack. Keep score!

Coach should focus on the Defender:

  •     Immediate pressure to the ball (“close the space”)
  •     Speed of approach (Fast first couple of steps, but slow down as you approach the attacker)
  •     Get side on (“steer the attack”)
  •     Soft on your feet, knees bent, weight slightly toward your back foot
  •     Patient defending (“Don’t dive in”)

Variation 1: Play promotion relegation. Winner moves up, loser drops back.

Variation 2: Groups of 3, Rotation, Defender to Attacker, Attacker to Resting, Resting to Defender.

Note: 1v1 is very demanding so building in some rest into the activity can create a higher level of intensity.


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