3 v 3 Make It, Take It

The Set-up: Divide the team into two groups of 4.  One player from each team acts as a server, the other three players play 3v3 to 4 goals (attack 2/defend 2).

Note: If you have 12 players, divide the group into three groups of 4.  One team would “rest” and keep the servers supplied with balls.

The Exercise: A “live” 3v3 game takes place.  You can only score from inside the Shooting Zone!

If a goal is scored, (example red scores), the team that scored quickly moves to take up positions to receive the ball from their server/teammate.  (Pictured above).

If the ball goes out of bounds, the team who would have been awarded the throw-in or goal kick “check’s back” to receive a ball from their server.

Play games to 3 with the winning team staying on!

Rotate the server after each game.


  •     Learning through the game (can we recognize the 2v1)
  •     Quick transitions
  •     Proper entry passes
  •     Fitness (the ball is almost never out of play)

This is an excellent exercise to teach players to work hard.  The defending team is NOT rewarded for giving up a goal by getting the ball.  They have to win it back!


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