3 v 3 to 4 Diagonal Goals

​The Game: 3v3 to 4 goals.

The red attacks the red gates, the whites the blue.  The coach can put various restrictions on the game:

  •     Dribble the gates
  •     Pass through the goal ( make the gates a bit smaller)
  •     You score you get to keep the  ball (encourages the defenders to work hard)

Focus: Creating 2 v 1 situations.  Recognize which goal is being defended with greater numbers and attack the other goal.  Speed of play and transition will be important components to this exercise.

Note: This is a very demanding game physically.  It makes sense to have 3rd team of three ready to come on (play 2 games/rest a game) or have a 4th player per team that rotates in every time a goal is scored.


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